Hi Nook’ Fashionist, Have you ever heard that shoes are always our best friends? Every shoe has a story from the way they are made to the way they make you feel. From sneakers to stilettos, all are an essential part of our closet and they are there for a reason, are capable of highlighting any outfit and are even capable of changing the way we see ourselves. Shoes are our mood.

Its moment to talk of the shoes most iconic of world, of those that we love because they are so comfortable 

Top 8 of the shoes most iconic of world


Who doesn’t have a Conserve in your closet? These sneakers arrived stay, giving a casual touch to any outfit and so simple that they combined with everything.

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The converse was created by a basketball player named Charles Taylor in the 1920’s and its main purpose was to sell them to basketball players. But in the 80’s and 90’s they became popular because of the style of the shoe and how comfortable they were. Went from player shoes to be the best seller  sneakers and  that decade after decade continue to be the favorite for a casual and comfortable touch. Today the Converse All Star has different designs and not only white with rubber soles.


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Arrived in 2017 and all models, influencers and celebrities started to use them and were a ¡boom! on social media, everyone was dying for a pair of Balenciaga Speed. these shoes were these cause of several movements, among them the genderless movement both men and women could wear them.

And even though they are sneakers they enhance any outfit from the most casual to the most formal giving a touch of versatility. With white soles and black sock-like sneakers, these Balenciaga were and are definitely everything that’s right about sneakers. 


The famous sneakers chunkys which were both praised and hated, as there were many who thought they were exaggerated and silly and others who loved the street style they provided.

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They arrived in 2018 and everyone on instagram was wearing the triple s , which were baptized by many as the chunkys. They revolutionized the fashion world and now all tennis shoes, boots and sandals were wearing this extravagant sole.  

These Balenciaga either you love them or you hate but you can’t be in a middle ground. 


These shoes definitely do not go out of fashion. Coco Chanel made these shoes to simulate slender legs, because of the nude color that make the legs infinite and the black toe that give the sensation of a visibly smaller foot. 

Launched in 1957 and despite the years they are still a favorite of many people. 

These chanels give you an elegant touch while being casual, perfect for all occasions and events. 

You will definitely love them forever, thank you Coco. 


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From the 2000’s to the present day these shoes are everything that’s cool. If you are a Sex and the City fan and always loved Carrie’s, these shoes are for you.

Elegant with a fun touch and able to enhance any outfit.

Surely with these Manolo Blahnik you’ll feel like you’re at lunch with Carrie and her friends. 


Created in 1993, famous for its red color and the high and thin heel, what we now know as stiletto heel. These shoes were and still are the favorite of many celebrities and thanks to their success they were created with different prints, colors, etc. Sexy, fun and elegant is how these shoes can be described.

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They will definitely make you feel like a super model, Naomi Campbell would be crazy to see you with these Louboutin. 

Put on your expensive perfume and go out to conquer the world. 


And yes again a Manolo worn by our iconic Carrie and she was a fan of Manolo Blahnik, as we are a fan of these amazing shoes. In an elegant blue tone. And who wouldn’t want to be Carrie and be proposed to with these shoes. They are a dream. 


Last on our list are the famous Dr Martens. Created in 1960, becoming the boots for punk and grunge groups. But today they are used by everyone and with everything.

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Bringing that rocker touch to the outfit, there is nothing more in life than a good outfit and your Dr Martens. 

Go have fun with these boots. 


And I’m Dani!, a fashion design student. I have loved the industry since I was 6 or 7 years old and I always watched my mom as she was getting ready in a unique way.


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