Hi Nook’ Fashionist! Have you ever heard the word colorimetry? Colorimetry or color theory is very important in fashion, makeup, film, advertising and marketing, colors always reflect something, they have a meaning and a reason. What do you think if we start? 


What is the chromatic circle? The chromatic circle is a color combination wheel, that is to say, from where the colors arise, from the primary colors you can get as many colors as you want.

The colors of this circle are composed of families which vary in the tone and intensity, these families are composed of the following colors:

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Cyan blue
  • Green 
  • Dark blue.

It also helps us to identify warm and cold colors and what color palette they can combine, allowing us to demonstrate color saturation and prisms.


The analogous colors are those that are next to each color within the chromatic circle, for example, green and yellow, blue and violet are the neighboring colors

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This is the name given to the opposite colors within the chromatic circle, but which complement each other and make great combinations, something like opposites attract. For example, red with yellow green or greenish blue.

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They are colors that mix. A base color with opposite colors and when you put them together they make an incredible harmony. For example, orange, green and blue. 

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They are colors within the circle that form an imaginary triangle, for example blue, purple and red. 

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Minimalism is its maximum expression. This color palette is formed by a single color with different tones, for example, strong violet, light violet, medium violet. Something like a total look. 


Cold colors: They are all those that are associated with the range of blue to green, these colors are considered as sad, nostalgic, pale, sentimental, etc. 

Warm colors: They are all those that are associated with the range of reds to yellows, these colors reflect joy, positivism, light, freshness, freedom and companionship. 

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Photo:  pinterest.com

CMYK: The abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and key, this code is used for printing colors.

RGB: It is the abbreviation for red, green and blue, and deals with the luminosity of the primary colors. This code is used in digital devices and images. 


Have you heard of the colors of the year? Well, Pantone is the one in charge of bringing them out, and here I present to you what it is. 

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Lawrence Herbert founded the Pantone system in 1963, which allowed to identify colors in a faster way. Today Pantone is an American company, creator of the PMS (Pantone Matching System), which gives codes for printing in a quick and easy way.

There are pantone samples which are pieces of cardboard with the color impregnated and the color code, even today the color swatch is sold.

Note: although the code is the same, it depends on the intensity of the printer and the computer.


Blue: This color is associated with intelligence, depth, emotional stability, power, seriousness, faith and sincerity

Red: Red is an intense color, related to passion and fire, it is associated with romance, friendship, attention; determination, eroticism, blood, courage and sensuality. 

Yellow: They say that he who wears yellow is because he trusts in his beauty, the color of the sun. A bright tone, which is associated with kindness, confidence, happiness, joy and energy. 

Purple: A very strong shade, associated with elegance, femininity, power; royalty, magic, ambition, creativity and luxury.

Green: The color of nature, it is a very relaxing tone, associated with tranquility, peace, harmony, freshness, stability and freedom. 

White: Although white is not considered a color since it is the clarity of all colors, it does have a meaning and is associated with peace, purity, elegance, cleanliness, freshness and goodness.

Black: Like white, this is not considered a color, it is simply the darkness of colors, but it also has its meaning as maturity, elegance, negativity, sadness, seriousness, formality and rebellion.

There is definitely a lot to know about colors, but this is the basis of all colorimetry. Colors always speak to us, they reflect something to us and that’s why our whole life revolves around them. Dare to try different colors in your outfit. 


And I’m Dani!, a fashion design student. I have loved the industry since I was 6 or 7 years old and I always watched my mom as she was getting ready in a unique way.

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