Hi Nook’ Fashionist! I’m so happy to greet you all one more time. Let me tell you that this article is one of my favorites, because there is nothing that makes me feel prouder and happier than to talk about the  Mexican designers. They are contemporary designers who have changed and have carried the fashion mexican industry to another level. Mexico is a country where you can find too much talent and these designers are an example of that. 


Marika Vera is a Mexican luxury lingerie designer, whose creationes convey the empowerment, sensuality and femininity of women.   Graduate from the Marangoni Institute of London. Vera, in addition to lingerie design, also has collections like Ready to Wear which has loose pants, jumpsuits, t-shirts, skirts, and other pieces. There is no doubt that Marika Vera’s designs represent the eroticicism and naturalness of the woman, all of us would wish to have her collections in our closets. 

Extraído de: https://marikavera.com/
Extraído de: https://marikavera.com/

Where can you find her designs? 

In this website: https://marikavera.com/


Andrés Jiménez, is the creative director of a mexican cloth brand called Mancandy. Jiménez is a designer, photographer and singer. Mancandy is a contemporary brand that makes pieces for men and women in a streetwear and minimalist style, and also has an underwear clothing line for mens. He has a different and risky style, using prints and creative cuts. If you love to impose your own style, this brand it’s for you!

Extraído de: https://mancandy.mx/
Extraído de: https://mancandy.mx/

Where can you find his designs?

In this website: https://mancandy.mx/


Alfredo Martínez, is a tapatio designer who created his clothing brand in 2010. Currently, is one of the most important contemporary designers in Mexico. His aesthetic looks highlight the sensuality, elegance and femine empowerment also his work is unique and of high end quality. The particular sign of his brand, are his spectacular fabrics and finishes. 

Extraído de: https://www.alfredomartinez.net/
Extraído de: https://www.alfredomartinez.net/

Where can you find his designs?

In this website: https://www.alfredomartinez.net/


Alexia Ulibarri,  is a Mexican designer graduated in The London College of Fashion, Marangoni. Identity and style of Ulibarri’s brand is based on the empowerful woman, and her Mexican roots. Alexia Ulibarri’s style is feminine, natural and romantic. On each collection  she gets inspired by different elements, allowing her audience to find her personality in her designs. 

Extraído de: https://www.alexiaulibarri.shop/
Extraído de: https://www.alexiaulibarri.shop/

Where can you find her designs? 

In this website:  https://www.alexiaulibarri.shop/


Pamela and Paola Wong are a pair of sisters who created the “Pink Magnolia” Mexican brand. All began when Paola, who is a fashion designer, had to make a project for her career and so was born the brand, some time later her sister Pamela,  who studied International Relations, joined the project and that launched Pink Magnolia. Pink Magnolia is a femenine brand that dresses romantic and secure womens of themselves. The brand style is girly and fresh, also it is a creative brand that plays with different prints and fabrics like: sequins, tulle, etc. This brand has had an international presence and has dressed different celebrities. 

Extraído de: https://pinkmagnolia.com/
Extraído de: https://pinkmagnolia.com/

Where can you find their designs? 

In this website: https://pinkmagnolia.com/

There is no doubt this is a sneak peak of Mexican talented designers into the industry that have revolted and have had great world level engagement, carrying their brands to different nationalities. 

Tell me: Which one of these designers has been your favorite? Because I love all of them, each one has a different  vision and essence that makes them unique and special as a brand. 

Hi Nook’ Fashionist, Have you ever heard that shoes are always our best friends? Every shoe has a story from the way they are made to the way they make you feel. From sneakers to stilettos, all are an essential part of our closet and they are there for a reason, are capable of highlighting any outfit and are even capable of changing the way we see ourselves. Shoes are our mood.

Its moment to talk of the shoes most iconic of world, of those that we love because they are so comfortable 

Top 8 of the shoes most iconic of world


Who doesn’t have a Conserve in your closet? These sneakers arrived stay, giving a casual touch to any outfit and so simple that they combined with everything.

Photo by:  urbanoutfitters.com
Photo by:  healthmart.vn

The converse was created by a basketball player named Charles Taylor in the 1920’s and its main purpose was to sell them to basketball players. But in the 80’s and 90’s they became popular because of the style of the shoe and how comfortable they were. Went from player shoes to be the best seller  sneakers and  that decade after decade continue to be the favorite for a casual and comfortable touch. Today the Converse All Star has different designs and not only white with rubber soles.


Photo by: Chiara Ferragni
Photo by:  farfetch.com

Arrived in 2017 and all models, influencers and celebrities started to use them and were a ¡boom! on social media, everyone was dying for a pair of Balenciaga Speed. these shoes were these cause of several movements, among them the genderless movement both men and women could wear them.

And even though they are sneakers they enhance any outfit from the most casual to the most formal giving a touch of versatility. With white soles and black sock-like sneakers, these Balenciaga were and are definitely everything that’s right about sneakers. 


The famous sneakers chunkys which were both praised and hated, as there were many who thought they were exaggerated and silly and others who loved the street style they provided.

Photo by: farfetch.com
Photo by: rodeo.blogg.se

They arrived in 2018 and everyone on instagram was wearing the triple s , which were baptized by many as the chunkys. They revolutionized the fashion world and now all tennis shoes, boots and sandals were wearing this extravagant sole.  

These Balenciaga either you love them or you hate but you can’t be in a middle ground. 


These shoes definitely do not go out of fashion. Coco Chanel made these shoes to simulate slender legs, because of the nude color that make the legs infinite and the black toe that give the sensation of a visibly smaller foot. 

Launched in 1957 and despite the years they are still a favorite of many people. 

These chanels give you an elegant touch while being casual, perfect for all occasions and events. 

You will definitely love them forever, thank you Coco. 


Photo by: hiheelworld.com

From the 2000’s to the present day these shoes are everything that’s cool. If you are a Sex and the City fan and always loved Carrie’s, these shoes are for you.

Elegant with a fun touch and able to enhance any outfit.

Surely with these Manolo Blahnik you’ll feel like you’re at lunch with Carrie and her friends. 


Created in 1993, famous for its red color and the high and thin heel, what we now know as stiletto heel. These shoes were and still are the favorite of many celebrities and thanks to their success they were created with different prints, colors, etc. Sexy, fun and elegant is how these shoes can be described.

Photo by: tradesy.com

They will definitely make you feel like a super model, Naomi Campbell would be crazy to see you with these Louboutin. 

Put on your expensive perfume and go out to conquer the world. 


And yes again a Manolo worn by our iconic Carrie and she was a fan of Manolo Blahnik, as we are a fan of these amazing shoes. In an elegant blue tone. And who wouldn’t want to be Carrie and be proposed to with these shoes. They are a dream. 


Last on our list are the famous Dr Martens. Created in 1960, becoming the boots for punk and grunge groups. But today they are used by everyone and with everything.

Photo by: drmartens.com
Photo by: ootdfinder.com

Bringing that rocker touch to the outfit, there is nothing more in life than a good outfit and your Dr Martens. 

Go have fun with these boots. 

Hi there, Nook Fashionist! As you know, we all have our own way to dress and also those persons who aren’t fashion lovers have it too. We bring to you this guide for you to easily find your own style, the one that gets along with your personality. 

Here you’ll find 7 universal styles. Let’s talk in detail about them. 

Note: Remember that this is only a guide for you to find which are your styles, but you can dress however you want. 


People who use the classic style  are perceived as people who transmit trust, maturity and who are self-confident, as well as can become a  little conservative  as they do not take many risks in colors and textures.

If you like to use neutral colors such as: black, white, gray, navy blue, wine, etc. possibly this is your style. They use straight-cut garments like:  straight jeans, pencil skirts, blazers, dress shirts and straight dresses.

In the shoes they usually wear stilettos, apartment shoes, mocasines, etc. In jewelry and makeup, women often wear simple  accessories and natural makeup.

Photo by:  stylewe.com

Romantic STYLE

This style looks to highlight femininity; projecting sympathy, delicacy, sensitivity,  sweetness and charm

The predominant colors are the light colors as: pastel colors, pink, white, beige, cream, light blues and shades of brown lights. They use relaxed silhouettes with volume and fall, puffed sleeves, flamboyant lace, tulle, flowers in third dimension, frills, bowns, buttons, ribbons, etc.

The most authentic shoes for this style are the espadrilles, heeled sandals, low heels, sandals, in some cases sneakers. 

In jewelry are distinguished pearls, earrings, delicate bracelets in gold and silver shades, headbands and hair accessories. In the makeup, the people of the romantic style, use blush, highlight, glowy skin with a touch of pink shades and nude.

Photo by:  bloglovin.com


This style highlights sensuality and these women are perceived as confident in their beauty; strong and independent,  with a lot of personality and imposing. 

In colors usually wear: black, different shades of red, golden, wine, green, navy blue, purple, etc. Their silhouettes are fitted, deep necklines on the chest and back.

The most characteristic shoes in this style are heels like: stilettos, heels with long straps, stiletto heels, heels, sandals, etc. 

The jewelry is dominated by golden  accessories like Bvlgari and cartier: your best partner. In makeup red lips matte  stand out the most, black eyeliner, contouring and matte skins.

Photo by: vogue.com
Photo by: Chiara Ferragni


If your style is creative, surely you are an original person, adventurous, risky, and innovative. The characteristic colors of this style are: intense and neon colors, like orange, yellow, fiusha, red, green and purple. The prints and textures are essential for this type of style. The garments are with different cuts, the mix and match it’s  a key point of this style. 

The footwear is so authentic and original, and is very unusual, risking in forms and designers. The ostentatious accessories are a fundamental part of this style, like bags of different forms and colors. The makeup is natural, but plays with different shades of lips and eyeliners. 

Photo by: thecoolhour.com
Photo by: stylecaster.com


Elegant people are perceived as refined, neat and with a lot of presence.

The most characteristic colors in this style are: black, white, light gray, brown, etc.

The most commonly used fabrics for this style are tweed, crow’s foot and plain fabrics. Silhouettes such as white shirts, Carolina Herrera’s style skirts, the famous Little Black Dress, hats, berets, palazzos, pants cut culotte, etc.  

In shoes wear: mid-height heels, mules, white sneakers, boots, flat shoes  and moccasins. 

In jewelry pearls can’t be excluded, diamond rings, earrings and bracelets. As well in accessories you can use gloves and the classic Chanel bag.

Photo by: www.pinterest.com


This style reflects that you are a cheerful, optimist, natural and kind person. You like  to be comfortable for sure, but sometimes you also like the discrete sensuality

If your style is bohemian you should use earth colors, whites, beige, orange shades and opaque colors like, purple, blue, shades of brown, military green, mustard, etc. We can find natural fabrics like, linen, blanket, cotton, and fabrics like denim for creations of garments like elephant leg pants, pants style baggy, jackets with fringes, dresses, loose and flowing skirts 

The ideal footwear for this style are cowboy boots, boots with studs, huaraches like sandals and gladiator sandals, espadrilles, etc. 

The accessories most used in this style are sunglasses, woven bracelets, belts, hats and vests. The makeup is used in its most natural way.

Photo by: modaellas.com
Photo by: modaoperandi.com


If your style is gothic you are surely a self-confident person, with a risky, sensual and strong character. 

This style is characterized by dark colors like: black, purple, green, wine, blue, red and silver. You can also use bright colors like: pink. The most commonly used fabrics are: leather, checkered fabric, rigid fabrics like denim, nylon, etc. 

The most characteristic fabrics of this style are: leather jackets, torn pants, net stockings, short plank skirts, corsets and transparent mesh blouses. 

If this is your style, surely you use black boots, sneakers, platform shoes and heels. 

In accessories harnesses are used, as well as belts with chains, chains like necklaces, chokers, rings, etc. The makeup plays with different types of eyeliners, blush, dark lips and gloss. 

Photo by: Pinteres.com
Photo by: vogue.co.uk

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