Hello! Nook’ Fashionist,  I’m so happy to tell you about the magnifics bags. 

We all know the bags, but do we know the history behind them? The bags have been a referent for fashion along the industry history. The bags have evolved and have been the perfect accessory for looks, giving us a creative and unique detail. I’ll tell you the history behind  some of these iconic pieces. 


This piece is one of the most elegant and legendary of the brand, because through the diversity this icon is what every fashion lover wants to have.

It was created after World War II in 1947 when Guccio Gucci created the Bamboo Bag because the resources declined after post war. He looking for a way to reinvent itself and leaving aside the leather and using new materials; creating the Bamboo Bag with leather pork and bamboo handles. 

Photo by: farfetch.com


The 2.55 is an icon and a classic for all of us that love the fashion world. It’s very versatile and timeless; over the years it has been reinventing and hasn’t passed from being the most iconic bag in the fashion world. I’ll tell you a part of the history behind this beautiful bag. 

It was created in 1955 for the revolutionary designer Coco Chanel, with the object to free the women of the carryon bag, and whose inspiration can be traced back to the soldier’s bag used in that moment. This bag has a chain that you can carry on your shoulder leaving you hands free. 


It was designed and created in 1999 by John Galliano, the creative director of Dior brand. This bag is inspired by a saddle for riding. A few years later, the bag had a  decline and the actual creative director of the brand,  Maria Grazia Chiuri, has reinvented it and it has become an icon and the favorite for the celebs. 

Photo by: dior.com


The Speedy Monogram was created in 1930, inspired by the travel bag Keepall. Since Audrey Hepburn requested the designer a most comfortable and pettit bag for her to travel. This bag has been an icon for fashion for its spacious size and the characteristic print of the brand. Is the perfect accessory to travel because it fits


Baptized like “Lady Dior” in honor of Princess Diana of Gales, it was a gift for her by the french brand Dior in 1995. This bag is an icon of elegance and exclusivity, it has a lot of materials and becomes one of the most beautiful  and elegant bags. 

Photo by: herealreal.com


The City has been one of the most iconic bags into the brand, created in 2001 by the creative director Nicolas Ghesquière who was inspired by the motorcycles to create the Bag that every ‘It girl’ wants to use. The incredible thing of this bag is the originality, and the creativity that the designer has, turning unimaginable things into unique pieces. 

Photo by: farfetch.com


Le Chiquito has been one of the most iconic bags nowadays. It was created by Simon Porte Jacquemus and it has become the most famous among celebrities by its peculiar size and the creativity to have the designer by its realization. Le  Chiquito adds a unique and funny detail to any look. 

Photo by: selfridges.com


Hi! Pame here. I´m a student of Business Management Engineering and also from a technical career in Cut and Confection. I’ve been a fashion lover since I was a child and over the years the love for it has increased.

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