Hi Nook’ Fashionist, today I bring you a very important article, because who doesn’t want to know everything about designers and more about those of the moment. Today I will make you a list of the top designers, a basic guide to be an IT girl and succeed. 

What do you say we get started? 

Channel: Who has not heard of our favorite designer Coco Chanel? She came to stay and despite the years her legacy continues and is one of the most coveted brands in this industry. Coco Chanel revolutionized French fashion, liberating women, in her collection she included knitwear a fabric that no one had used before. She came to stay, giving that touch of struggle and equality.

Photo by: vogue.ua
Photo by: chanel.com

Dior: Christian Dior a French designer who took off his career in the late 40’s with his famous New look, dressing the most important and elegant women of the end of that decade and the beginning of the other. A haute couture concept. Today Dior is positioned among one of the most worn by celebrities and important people. Accessories, shoes, bags, makeup and garments, all that Dior offers you.

Photo by: vogue.de
Photo by: vogue.com

Balenciaga: Cristobal Balenciaga, one of the greatest influencers in haute couture, Spanish which was positioned in Paris but always his style was to bring the Spanish culture in their clothes. Today this firm is modern, innovative and elegant.

Photo by: vogue.ru
Photo by: vogue.com

Armani: When I grow up I want to be like Giorgio Armani, who has the power to turn everything he touches into something successful. This firm brought the tailoring revolution by dressing men with modern, elegant and liberating tailored suits and positioning women with the use of tailored trouser suits, a sexy and refined touch. Armani has more than 350 stores, has an emporium, the famous “Emporio Armani” which not only addresses high fashion, but also the pret-a-porter, kids, jeans, perfumery, etc.

Photo by: vogue.com
Photo by: vogue.com

Carolina Herrera: Of Venezuelan origin, famous for paying attention and taking care of every detail in their garments, dressing classic, elegant women. It is considered the signature of luxury and exclusivity, bringing also perfumery which is designed for the same market.

Photo by: elle.com
Photo by: hola.com

Valentino: Valentino Garavani an Italian designer, noted for bringing femininity to women, dressing them with ruffles, draped planks. But more recognized for his famous red Valentino, an icon in his designs.

Photo by: vogue.com
Photo by: vogue.com

I would like to know which of all these designers would you wear? I would definitely wear Chanel, Dior or Armani. I love them. How about you? 


And I’m Dani!, a fashion design student. I have loved the industry since I was 6 or 7 years old and I always watched my mom as she was getting ready in a unique way.

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