Hi Nook’ Fashionist! I‘m so excited to bring you my first article, and what better way to tell you about: What is fashion?

First of all, let’s start by defining the word “fashion”, which comes from French “Mode”. This term began to be used in the 15th century and it derives from latin “Modus” which means mode.

Is so important to know this concept to understand the industry world. To many people fashion can mean something extremely different like clothing, fashion designers, runways, red carpets, trends, fashion magazines, etc. But fashion isn’t just clothing and red carpets; fashion  goes beyond that: it is history, a design, a form  of expression for transmitting what you are, it means keeping up and a lifestyle.

In a simplified way, fashion is a journey in which someone innovates and the rest copy it in a  specific context or  moment. This means that it’s the way to behave or do something that’s accepted and used by the society at the present. To fashion, being fashionable is related to what is happening today, and tends to  have a lot of diffusion during a few months or what is known as “seasons”

Fashion is an expression and communication nonverbal mode that helps us to transmit what we really are, which is reflected in our clothes, styles and physiognomy. It helps us to tell a story, expressing our feelings and passions. It’s the perfect way to distinguish from someone else and one way to share and join with other people. Fashion globalises and expands instantly.

Fashion is ephemeral. What everyone wears today, tomorrow can be unfashionable  but it can return in the future, since fashion is cyclical and it’s constantly changing; adapting to each situation and to each social, political and cultural environment. Fashion is the present and the future.

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2013
Loewe Spring 2022

Why do I love fashion? Because for a long time, inside the industry history, it has been a great struggle for society, and above all for womens. For them to express themselves: dress however they want to and without any prejudice to feel empowered and happy with themselves. It’s a way to transmit and project who you are and what you like, whether in someone else or in yourself. It’s creativity, it’s art, it’s history, and it’s YOU.


Hi! Pame here. I´m a student of Business Management Engineering and also from a technical career in Cut and Confection. I’ve been a fashion lover since I was a child and over the years the love for it has increased.

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